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1 June 2016

For the time being and until further notice, the insolvency receiver has decided not to accept any share transfers, as this would put unnecessary costs on the insolvency proceedings, especially given the fact that the fund is a specialized investment fund and only eligible to qualified investors.

This decision may be reviewed at a later stage.

As per the insolvency, and for the avoidance of doubt, redemptions are not possible.


10 May 2016

Article published in paperjam regarding Enea SICAV FIS


11 March 2016

By way of judgment dated 11 March 2016, Maître Max Mailliet has been appointed as insolvency receiver for Enea SICAV (in liquidation).

The previous liquidator had initiated proceedings against various parties in order to obtain compensation for the damage suffered by the SICAV and the insolvency receiver will continue these proceedings as far as possible.

However, for the moment it is not possible to provide information on the potential outcome of the proceedings, and in order not to jeopardize them, the insolvency receiver wishes, for the time being, not to further comment on these proceedings, but he will provide updates to the shareholders and creditors whenever there are new developments.

Shareholders are kindly asked to provide the insolvency receiver with their adress and bank details, in case payments are to be taking place in the future.


Any updates will be posted to this page.