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Etude Max Mailliet

2, rue du Fort Rheinsheim

L-2419 Luxembourg

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Collaboration We collaborate closely with our clients throughout the whole case, in a one-to-one approach, constantly adapting to the evolution of the case with a view to be able to render the best possible service to our clients.


Information Our clients receive continous updates on the evolution of their case and circumstanciated legal advice in order for them to be able to take the best possible and most enlightened decisions in the handling of their case or their business. We provide our clients with a full and clear information on their legal situation for them to be able to assess their situation and resolve or prevent the arising of problems.


Availability We are always available for our clients if they have additional questions and we can provide quick answers. Our IT infrastructure allows us to immediately access all the documents of our firm, in order for us to be able to provide the most efficient answers to our client’s queries.


State-of-the art We only use a state-of-art IT infrastructure, in order to assure our clients the best possible service.


Integrity Honesty and transparency are our main assets and most important attributes for our clients to grant us their trust. We commit to full loyalty vis-à-vis our clients.


Team work Our success is realised by working as a team, recognizing the value of each member’s input thus succeeding as a team.


Professionalism We provide a tailor-made analysis providing our clients with solutions which are efficient and adapted to their needs, offering a very high quality service protecting the interests of our clients.


Fundamental legal values are our basic principles: We defend the best interest of our clients in full and unconditional respect or the attorney-client privilege and with a very severe approach to the handling of conflicts of interests.


Quality and Excellence We providequality legal representation to a very diversified field of clients, including high net worth individuals and corporate clients from all over the world. We are committed to satisfying the highest applicable standards for law firms. Responsive client service and legal work of the highest quality are central to our activity.


Confidentiality The protection of the confidential information given to us by our clients, full discretion and the protection of our client’s privacy are essential to our activity.


Innovation We always strive to provide our clients with innovative solutions, seeking continuous improvement in our work.


Ethics The full respect of the ethical rules relating to the profession of lawyers is our most important mission and we do not tolerate any form of unethical behaviour.


Pro bono We are regularly involved in pro bono work and provide legal services to non-profit organisations and indivudals in need, deeming this to be an important part of our mission as lawyers and members of the judicial system.